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Bruce Finkelman
Managing Partner

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A Chicagoland native, Bruce Finkelman’s celebrated path in hospitality began as a graduate of the University of Missouri’s inaugural Food and Beverage program. Working his way through school at Columbia’s storied Blue Note music club, he found a home for his love of music.

Returning to Chicago and he landed a job with Hyatt Hotels Corp but was stifled by the big-box corporate mentality and he decided to head out on his own. A late night drive through Ukrainian Village would foreshadow the launch of the Empty Bottle. Described by Finkelman as a “cat-ridden hole-in-the-wall,” musical acts from all over the globe were welcomed as Chicago’s music scene blossomed. Two decades later, it is the only Chicago venue to make Rolling Stone magazine’s "20 Best Rock Clubs." 

Bruce then went on to launch joint ventures Bite Café and Beauty Bar before opening doors to Logan Square’s Longman & Eagle in 2010. Named a ‘Best New Restaurant in America’ by both GQ and Esquire magazines, Longman & Eagle is nationally recognized for its standout menu with a focus on seasonally driven cuisine and bourbon. 

Finkelman’s manifold restaurant concepts are a function of his evolving palate. While bourbon took center stage at Longman & Eagle, and beer became the focus for Dusek’s, live music has always remained a relative constant in Bruce’s pursuits. Finkelman attributes his collection of diverse music venues to his love of live performances. “Create a place where you would want to be, and there are sure to be some others who will like it as well.”  He spends what free time he has with his wife and daughter, perusing galleries and restaurants, discovering Chicago’s unique architectural history and neighborhoods, hopelessly rooting for its hometown football team and relaxing at home. 



Craig Golden

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Craig Golden is the President of Blue Star Properties, a Chicago based commercial real estate company known for the acquisition and revitalization of urban properties. Before establishing Blue Star, Craig co-founded Sterling Bay Companies in 1986 with a high school friend. For over 20 years, they bought and redeveloped numerous properties, focusing on Chicago commercial opportunities in need of extensive rehab and redesign. Launching Blue Star allowed Craig to pursue a wider range of projects, utilizing his real estate knowledge and experience. Passionate for redeveloping older structures to fit the modern workplace, His portfolio currently contains over two million square feet of commercial space and he continues to seek new and exciting projects. 

Having begun his post college life playing in bands, and after a number of financially unrewarding years, Craig learned the construction business out of necessity. The former musician also likes a good meal. Through his real estate endeavors Craig has been able to incorporate his love for music and dining into his projects wherever he can. In what can only be described as a stroke of luck he began partnering with local club-owner and music maven Bruce Finkelman. The two formed the company 16 On Center and almost a decade later, they have opened numerous restaurants and music venues in and around Chicago. 
Craig is married with three wonderful children and lives in Evanston, Illinois.


Elizabeth Tulipana
Director of Operations

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An events professional with a penchant for the creative, Elizabeth Tulipana is a Louisiana native who spent her childhood in Omaha, Nebraska and later attended Miami University (Ohio). Post-graduation in 2004, she traveled through Europe for two months before making Chicago her permanent home. She rose from Manager of Donor and Special Events to Assistant Director of Donor Relations in four years, executing 50+ annual events with different organization.

Tulipana’s longtime love of live music eventually drew her to the opportunity to build the private events department from the ground up with 16” on Center's opening of Thalia Hall in Pilsen in 2013 and a year later with The Promontory in Hyde Park. As responsibilities continued to increase with the openings of other concepts including Saint Lou’s Assembly/MONEYGUN, The Ruin Daily and Revival Food Hall in the West Loop and downtown Loop neighborhoods, Tulipana has been named Director of Operations, Operations for 16" on Center in 2014, helping to oversee the success of the growing hospitality collective. 

Tulipana stays busy in her free time with a variety of creative pursuits—she’s written pieces for the likes of Marie Claire Magazine and Conde Nast Traveler, enjoys roaming around Logan Square with her husband and their dog, in pursuit of slightly tart cocktails and cheese-forward appetizers, and continues her globetrotting adventures every chance she gets.


Victor Giron
VP of Finance

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Victor David Giron is a CPA with over 15 years of experience working in finance.  He’s worked in a variety of industries including financial services with PricewaterhouseCoopers, energy with Exelon Energy, and most recently spirits serving five years as Controller of Jim Beam Brands North America where he was responsible for the financial close of a $2 billion commercial segment. 

Besides being a numbers guy, Victor’s appreciation for the arts and culture has lead him into various pursuits, including founding Curbside Splendor Publishing, named "Best Independent Publisher in 2014" by Chicago Magazine and one of ”Chicago’s Top Ten Arts & Culture Stories of 2013” by Time Out Chicago. Curbside has published over 30 books achieving regional and national press and awards. At 16" on Center he’s found a home that allows him to apply his corporate finance experience, and be part of a team of culturally like-minded folks.

Victor is also a member of 826CHI’s Board of Directors, a not-for-profit based in Wicker Park that provides free writing tutoring in an engaging fashion to Chicago’s inner-city youth.  Victor is a Chicago native, and has two rascally boys whom he enjoys skateboarding and guitar playing with. 

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Will Duncan
Director of Hospitality

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A musician at heart, Will Duncan grew up playing drums in suburban Washington D.C. before moving to Upstate New York to study performance jazz. Rising from dishwasher to waiter at a small neighborhood restaurant set Duncan’s passion for food ablaze. He re-located to New York City to work as a waiter at the Blue Water Grill. The gig allowed him the flexibility to play drums several nights a week in the big-city music scene. Aside from his passion for music, Duncan found himself energized by the restaurant’s frenetic pace, and a hospitality career slowly began to reveal itself. 

Duncan then relocated to Chicago, where he once again resumed his server-by-day, musician-by-night persona. Leveraging his Manhattan resume, he assumed a position which, under the guidance of One Off Hospitality’s Terry Alexander, proved an integral transition in his career. Soon after, he was drawn toward The Empty Bottle–the Ukrainian Village’s nexus of music and hospitality. His ambition at The Empty Bottle opened the door for him to train the opening staff at Michelin-starred Longman & Eagle. Duncan solidified his cocktail knowledge as Longman’s General Manager, which set up his role in creating the retro-chic Punch House concept. Duncan’s successful management of both Punch House and Thalia Hall and subsequent role as Director of Operations for the group led to his position as Director of Hospitality / Partner. 

Though he’s since stopped playing drums (once the creative reward in formulating restaurant concepts surpassed that of drumming), he unwinds with his wife and son at his Logan Square home, where he built a home bar as a hobby carpenter.