“Although you’ve probably never heard of Chicago-based 16” on Center, chances are you’ve stumbled upon (or more likely, out of) one of their growing number of bars, restaurants and music venues. And while their name is derived from the construction term meaning the center mark that creates the strongest build, their ‘brand’ is the gestalt of each unique location they launch, or more importantly, the resulting community it nurtures and supports. From Evanston to Hyde Park, Ukrainian Village to Logan Square, and Pilsen to the Loop—just to name a few footprints—16” on Center’s venues draw Chicagoans out of their homes, enabling them to unplug, engage and be part of their neighborhoods.”

-        12 For 12

Beauty Bar

Chicago's top 10 dance clubs

"With outposts in New York, San Francisco, Austin and Portland, Chicago seemed like the next logical location for the kitsch-happy Beauty Bar concept. Retrofitted into the old Sonotheque, the bar carried over the sound system but otherwise got a complete face-lift. Sparkling glitter paint adorns the walls, '60s beauty salon furniture acts as seating, and the backroom dance floor is completed with a shimmering disco ball. The music stays obscure and mostly dusty during the week, but DJs turn it into an electro dance party most weekends." 

- Time Out Chicago

Bite Cafe

What to eat at the revamped Bite Cafe, opened today

"At 15 years, the space went from somewhat of a grungy teenager into a more grown-up older sibling. There's still a chalkboard displaying rotating daily features, but the space has a more aesthetically pleasing vibe, with refreshed exposed brick, plush counter seats that you literally sink into, black metal-topped counters, dangling pendants, white crown molding and loads of afternoon light from the large front windows."

- The Chicago Eater

Chicago’s Best Breakfast: Bite Cafe

"This BYOB is great for a late breakfast/brunch or hey who doesn’t like breakfast for dinner or as a late night snack?!"

- Chicago's Best


"The restaurants we featured this week have all been open for well over a decade, which is multiple lifetimes you’re talking about a dining establishment. This is something I love about the Chicago dining scene. Despite the never-ending stream of new restaurants, there are still so many classics that have stuck around and continue to be strongly supported by the community."

- WTTW Check, Please!

Dusek's Board and Beer

Dusek's named as 2016 Michelin Star Recipient 

"Dusek's is really a Chicago original," Ellis said. "You really don't see places like that, and Longman & Eagle, anywhere else. They have fun, laid-back atmospheres, but serving remarkable food -- foie gras, sweetbreads, but also great hamburgers. What they're doing is creative and imaginative." 

- The Chicago Tribune

2014 Best New Restaurants

"Chicagoans want food they can recognize and share—say, Ball jars of homemade pickles with thick Texas-toasty slices of sourdough—but also dishes that challenge them, such as sweet-salty matsutake mushroom risotto with pumpkin, soy-caramel chestnuts, and Asian pear relish. They crave things that satisfy (cheddar-stuffed pretzels with spicy beer mustard) and excite (barbecued shrimp and grits with a one-hour egg). And Chicagoans covet pig in countless guises: crispy pork shanks and garlic sausages and stacks of sliced artisanal ham, plus some crispy duck fat fries to split." 

- Chicago Magazine

Empty Bottle

Top 10 live music venues in Chicago

"A cornerstone of Chicago's indie scene for more than two decades, the Empty Bottle (in the Ukrainian Village area) is an intimate hall that has hosted the Strokes. Animal Collective, Modest Mouse and other superstars in the making. The stage and bar are in the back room; the front room has a pool table, pinball machines and a photo booth." 

- The Guardian

The Best Clubs in America

"With its plain brick facade and Old Style sign hanging out front, the 20-year-old Empty Bottle looks more like a plain Chicago townie bar than the city's most consistent punk-and-indie-rock club – not to mention the free jazz, skronky pop and other out-there genres it books. Chicago promoter Andy Cirzan calls the 400-capacity club "a kind of communal space for adventurous musicians and their fans." " 

- Rolling Stone

Longman & Eagle


"Last year was an amazing one for Longman & Eagle (2657 N. Kedzie Ave., 773.276.7110), a year-old gastropub in Logan Square, on Chicago's near northwest side. Both Esquire ("ingenious, gutsy cooking") and GQ placed it on their lists for best new restaurants —Esquire also called it one of the best new bars. This November, L&E got a Michelin star — one of only 18 Chicago restaurants to get the nod." 

- Fast Code Design

The 10 best whiskey bars in America

"There's a happy ending to the story that started with the utter lunacy of Prohibition. That ill-advised experiment was repealed in 1933, but the squeeze it put on local whiskey markets lasted for decades. Right up until this decade, pretty much, when enough states—everywhere from New York to Wisconsin to Oregon— eased up on the liquor laws enough to spark a new whiskey-making renaissance. Which is good for you (more choices) and good for stalwarts like Jack, Johnnie, and Jim (more of a reason to up their game). All told, there are at least twice as many whiskey distilleries in the United States today as there were just three years ago... " 

- GQ

The Promontory

The Longman & Eagle crew serves up another hit with The Promontory

"The industrious masterminds behind Longman & Eagle in Logan Square and Dusek’s in Pilsen have added another dining destination to their repertoire: the Promontory in Hyde Park. This handsome bi-level space features a music venue and a wood-burning hearth that turns out Jared Wentworth’s culinary creations." 

- Chicago Magazine

Punch House


"A glorious dive of a basement bar in the same building as Best New Restaurant Dusek's, Punch House is a destination in its own right. As you might expect, punch is the thing here, served either old-school-style in a communal bowl (or a carafe) if you have a group -- but for the sake of trying more of them/possibly being lonely, you can also opt to go single-serving as all eight varieties they serve are kegged and tapped. The list's split evenly between classic centuries-old recipes and their own creations." 

- Thrillist

Punch House, a Cozy, Bohemian New Bar, Opens in Pilsen

"Punch House’s cocktail list offers quaffable originals alongside classics. Space Juice for Jered (pictured), a mix of tequila, grapefruit juice, lime, Aperol, black pepper, sage, and sparkling wine, is a standout. Down a glass ($8) or get your thirsty crew to spring for a crystal bowl of it ($59)." 

- Chicago Magazine


DownBeat's Best Jazz Venues

“Listeners can expect an up-close, intimate experience to see a range of jazz, blues and indie artists. Gary Burton, Dr. John and Allen Toussaint have all graced the stage.”

- DownBeat Magazine

Thalia Hall


"Thalia Hall - Located in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood, Thalia Hall was built in 1892 as a performance hall modeled after Prague’s Opera House. It’s been vacant since the ’60s, but was recently restored to its original glory and reimagined as a rustic event space." 

- Glamour


"Motivating concertgoers, foodies, libation lovers and more to venture beyond the touristy downtown haunts, Thalia Hall includes a restored performance space, a beer-centric restaurant with a Michelin-starred chef, and an underground bar that specializes in, of all atypical cocktails, punch." 

- The Dallas News

Thalia Hall

"Thalia Hall sat empty for four decades before Craig Golden and Bruce Finkelman stepped up and decided to restore the once great community hall to its former glory. Their aim: to return Thalia Hall to its rightful place as a hub of the neighborhood, with a new restaurant, bar, and musical venue. " 

- Atlas Obscura

Tack Room

Best Bars In Chicago That Opened In 2015

"Attention piano bar lovers: the Tack Room is now open and waiting for you! Located in the Pilson area in a former carriage house, the Tack Room is popular with the hipsters and general bar-goers alike. Offering strong drinks and gloriously messy and delicious burgers, the Tack Room is a great place to relax for dinner and have some cocktails as well."

- CBS Chicago

First look: Tack Room, a hipster piano saloon in Pilsen

"Friday night at Tack Room, a new bar within restored 125-year-old Pilsen landmark Thalia Hall, is something to talk about — from the crowd laden with beards and tattoos, with more and more people spilling in from attached restaurant Dusek's as the night goes on, to the subtle decor touches, such as coasters printed with horseshoes, that remind you this room was once the stable where former building owner John Dusek kept his horses. Only with a piano player jamming out the notes to "Home on the Range" and half the bar belting out the words, it's too loud to talk."

- Chicago Tribune

Thalia Hall's Tack Room Piano Lounge Starts Horsing Around on Friday

"...Tack Room, a punk rock version of a piano lounge/saloon in a former carriage house, opening Friday at 9:00 p.m. The space, next to Dusek's, once held former proprietor John Dusek's horses more than a century ago. It will now hold revelers imbibing on cocktails from Dustin Drankiewicz and food from Michelin-starred chef Jared Wentworth. The horse motif is present in Tack Room's wallpaper, cowboy boot displays, wood tables, as well as other pieces of décor and architecture that are original."

- Chicago Eater

Saint Lou's Assembly

Best New Chicago Brunch Restaurants

“The Longman & Eagle crew surprised everyone with the opening of two projects in March: Moneygun and Saint Lou’s Assembly. The latter is inspired by the city’s meatpacking history, offering items popularized by “meat and three” cafeterias. During the day, guests can try meatloaf wellington, beef short rib pot pie, porchetta confit and more while livening things up with some boozy floats.”

- Eater Chicago

The 10 Hottest New Restaurants in Chicago

“Next to their West Loop bar, Moneygun, this retro-inspired American kitchen from the Longman & Eagle crew specializes in refined takes on old-school comfort food in the form of customizable meat-and-three-side platters that diners select cafeteria-style. The simple setup features vinyl booths and black-and-white photographs, with beer, house cocktails and boozy floats on hand to complement your meal.”

- Zagat


Why MONEYGUN should be the next bar you visit

“Rather than fuss with signature cocktails, Duncan and his partners went with staples: daquiris, margaritas, Manhattans, negronis — 30 drinks in all ($10.75 each), listed by name only, because, well, you don't need a bartender to tell you what's in a mojito. (Even if you don't know exactly, you know you like it, and that's enough.) Really, drinking has never been easier; a nice reprieve from wading through a list of 16 craft cocktails with nine ingredients each, three of which you have to Google.”

- The Chicago Tribune

Hot Dish: Foie Gras Grand Slam at MONEYGUN

“There’s bar food, and then there’s Jared Wentworth bar food. The award-winning chef behind juggernaut hits like Longman & Eagle and Dusek’s Board and Beer has a knack for elevating frills-free snacks — the kind customers yearn for in the midst of cocktails and beers. This is especially true ofMONEYGUN, a brand new bar that opened out of the blue in the West Loop from a handful of bar industry vets. While much of the focus is on the sleek classic cocktails — including a shockingly good Long Island Iced Tea, which sounds like an oxymoron, but definitely isn’t — Wentworth will likely make this a legit dining destination with his concise menu of dishes and bites.”

- Zagat

Revival Food Hall

Revival Food Hall Will Cater to All Your Cravings

"Bruce Finkelman and Craig Golden are at it again. With Dusek’s, Promontory, and Longman & Eagle under their belts, the duo’s next project aims to bring together some of Chicago’s best restaurateurs under one roof in another historic overhaul.

Located in the National Building, Revival Food Hall (125 S. Clark Street, Loop) will feature various collaborations at 15 fast-casual stalls in a “grab and go” setting. Diners can then choose where to sit amongst an eclectic mix of furniture and decorations throughout the space. When it opens this summer—no specific opening date yet—RFH’s dining options will include neighborhood favorites as well as new, quick-serve concepts from acclaimed Chicago chefs."

- Chicago Mag

Dusek's Owners Opening Massive Loop Food Hall This Summer

"16" On Center's involvement shouldn't be a surprise. As reported last year, co-owner Craig Golden's real estate company, Blue Star Properties, was involved on project. They'll stay with most of the plan. Many of the concepts at the 15 fast-casual stalls will be chef driven, but not all. The stalls will include one that will rotate concepts every three to four months. They said they'll reveal the culinary talent later this summer. Coffee and booze will be provided by a coffee shop and bar with full beverage programs. In non-food-related news, the space also includes a record store and reading corner from Curbside Splendor. Revival was originally referred to as The Marketplace."

-Chicago Eater

Gigantic Food Hall (And Record Store) Will Change Lunch In The Loop Forever

"Finkelman is one of the owners of 16" On Center, a group that runs many prominent Chicago standbys, including Dusek's Board & Beer, Longman & Eagle, Empty Bottle, Punch House, The Promontory and more. This new project will occupy a 24,000 square foot space in a 1907 Daniel Burnham-designed building in the loop (125 S. Clark St.), and feature 15 different fast-casual style restaurants. When asked whether this will be the typical Chipotle and Panera, Finkelman laughed. "This will all be groups like us—people we respect, and the people we’d like to have food with," he told Chicagoist."


The Ruin Daily

Tour The Ruin Daily, 16” On Center’s Boozy Deli With A Modern Twist

"The Ruin Daily, the new sandwich shop from the team behind Revival Food Hall and Dusek’s, opens on Tuesday in the West Loop at 328 S. Jefferson St. It’s not an old-school deli in the same vein as Manny’s or The Bagel. Aesthetics aside, neither of those venerable restaurants serve craft beer, 11 craft cocktails, or even a “Boomerang”—a special bar industry secret."

- Eater Chicago

This All-Day Bar & Cafe Is About To Open In West Loop

"While Fulton Market, Restaurant Row and the part of the West Loop around Randolph Street have a ton of great stuff, there's a corner of the neighborhood (down by Jefferson and Van Buren) that still hasn't seen much in the way of great eats. That's about to change, as The Ruin Daily, a new sandwich shop/bar/restaurant is coming to the area and promises a full, all-day menu of food and cocktails."

- Chicagoist