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Request Support

We offer support to quite a few restaurant, venues and bars so we use these ticketing systems to make sure we manage our tasks and priorities well. Just a reminder that edits to the content/copy of your website falls under IT, while having a graphic created for the website or social media would be graphic design.

If you have an urgent IT matter, please call our 24/7 Help Desk at (312) 521-0016.


Human Resources

While we do hope that Human Resources at 16 on Center are most often personal, face-to-face conversations, we also recognize that sometimes you need to just shoot a quick email while the topic is fresh on your mind. Please send all emails to

If you need help finding a form or policy, please see the MANAGEMENT RESOURCE BINDER.


Give Us Feedback

If you think there’s knowledge or tools that we should have here or you have an idea for an operational change within your location or your department, please feel free to leave your constructive feedback in our handy dandy suggestion box!


If you’re sending an email to a group and you’re not sure which email list to send to, consult this QUICK GUIDE!


If you’re having trouble with your printer, or are low on toner/ink supplies, visit COTG.


Please make a copy of this sheet and fill out to submit to 16OC Accounting

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