16" on Center Catering brings your favorite neighborhood food and booze to you. Can't decide on one, we'll bring 'em all. 

The Ruin Daily

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Want to really show your work crew that you love them? Need a late night wedding snack? Havin’ a bad day and need a Reuben? Treat yoself and the ones you love to some fantastic sandos for munching on any occasion. 

Saint Lou's Assembly

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Saint Lou’s Assembly is a Midwestern take on the classic Meat N Three Diner, and a tribute to the cafeterias that once lined the West Loop to serve the meatpacking workers. At the intersection of innovation and nostalgia, right on the bridge connecting the Loop and Restaurant Row, Lou’s is all about serving up modern dishes that respect our heritage and a reminder of a what a nourishing meal truly is. 

HotChocolate Bakery

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Upgrade your morning meetings, sweets table, or birthday with excellent coffee and fresh-from-the-oven treats! Brought to you by the James Beard Award Winner, Mindy Segal.

The Juice Box


Let us bring the BASH with our BOX! The juice box is our offsite beverage catering concept, and perfect for any occasion when you want a fun and creative bar brought to you. Our juice boxes originated as vintage furniture pieces and have been transformed into portable keg systems ready to serve up delicious draft cocktails. Select the BOX of your choice, your favorite beverage, and we will bring the party! Perfect for in-home gatherings, weddings, or any celebration. Add on beer, wine and spirits for a full-service bar experience!